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Gold Grand Champion (Australia) & Gold Double Grand Champion (New Zealand)
Sharada Puss in Boots
Seal Point

Sire: Gold Gr. Ch. (Australia) Shiki Daydream Believer
Dam: Ch. Shenji Michaela

Many thanks to B.K. Heather, Sharada,  Melbourne, for allowing us to purchase this beautiful seal point Birman to improve our breeding programme and also for her encouragement and advice. Puss in Boots is a sweet natured stud who has sired several show winning kittens in Australia. He has now retired as a stud cat and lives happily as a pet with us.

Sharada Puss in Boots


Champion Amoenta Queen Bee
Seal point 

Sire: Gold Db. Gr. Champion Amoenta Riche Holmes
Dam: Amoenta Eternal Grace

Queen Bee is a beautiful seal point who Yvonne Murphy kindly let us have to improve our breeding lines. Queen Bee is happily retired living in Otago.

Champion Amoenta Queen Bee


Champion Dejavu Name in Lights (Eliza)
Blue point (Imported Australia)

Sire: Silver Champion Chanmali Kusri Kasseem Kaadesh
Dam: Eldorato Olivia

Eliza was Supreme Birman Exhibit at Birman Show in Melbourne 2005. Many thanks to the late Debbie Raus, Dejavu, Melbourne, for allowing us to purchase Eliza to help improve our breeding programme. Eliza has now retired to family on a vineyard and loving it. We have kept her beautiful daughter Felicity.

Champion Dejavu Name in Lights (Eliza)


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